About Tim

Timothy Van Gorder finding his passionHi! my name is Timothy Van Gorder and I hail from Manassas Virginia. Meeting Dan was a fortunate encounter for both of us. 

Fall 2018

In the Fall of 2018 I wasn't in the best mental state. I knew I needed to improve my mental health, but I didn't know how. Around that time, my volleyball team needed shirts and I contacted Dan about making them. I then found an old tie dye kit from my Mom, and decided to make them myself. I told Dan I'd send him pictures. My team loved them and to my surprise, I loved making them. 

Tie dye has become a big form of self care for me. One of the best parts about it is seeing other people wear my art. It always brings a big smile to my face and starts a great conversation!

Winter 2018Timothy Van Gorder playing Kendama

When I sent Dan pictures of my shirts he saw the love and care right away. This meant a lot coming from THE Tie Dye Dan. He said my designs would be a great addition to the Dye Happy brand and asked me to work with him, so I did.

Working with Dye Happy has been extremely fun and rewarding! Dan always has a smile on his face and consistently compliments me on my work, which makes me happy. He also introduced me to Kendama, another new passion of mine. One day I will be better than him.. one day. Until then, I'll proudly wear my tie dye and keep on practicing.

Wearing all these colors has truly made me a happier person. I am in a much better state of mind now! When I first started doing it I knew I wanted give back and share the joy I get from doing this. I decided to donate 10% of sales to KOVAR It is my hope that I can make a difference in my community. Thank you for the support!