Vuong Thai Pro Model Kendama

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"When I started playing kendama, Dan saw my potential from my very first year, and now here I am, blessed with a pro mod. My pro model consists of a half split design based off the Vietnam flag. I put certain engravings in there such as my last name on the sword and my birth date (26) on the big cup. I appreciate everything that Dye Happy has done for me, and can’t wait to see what else is in store! I hope y’all snag one and enjoy this kendama as much as I do. Much love and blessings" - V. Thai

One of the things that drew us to make Vuong a part of the team was not only his incredibly fast progression of skill, but his relentlessly positive attitude. Vuong is an unstoppable positive force of energy, and he takes that energy into all that he does :) We love you Vuong!