Tie Dye Dan

I'm Dan Lambert from Yorktown VA. I created Tie Dye Dan to avoid a mindless summer job, then turned it into Dye Happy and my pursuit of happiness. Dan Lambert Tie Dye Dan Polaroid

Dan • The Early Years

My Mom, the artist, was always pushing me to do something artistic. I picked tie dye ironically. It seemed easy, I could make a mess, and make Mom happy. 

To my surprise I got into it and started making and wearing tie dye. I liked the idea of selling it, but I was lazy. When friends asked I'd just say No.

Tie Dye Dan • The Beginning

Summer of 2016 while working a double split shift at Chipotle I heard Dr. Peter Venkman's words in my head

"someone with your qualifications would have no trouble finding a top-flight job in either the food service or housekeeping industries." 

I quit Chipotle and start making, wearing and selling tie dye like my life depended on it. I became Tie Dye Dan.  

Dye Happy • The Beginning

The following Spring I bought a heat press and used it to apply Dye Happy to my tie dye. It turned out to be a great idea.

That Summer Harrisonburg Farmer’s Market accepted me as a vendor. They said a local non-farm vendor with some color and energy was a great idea.

That Fall I'm in the JMU newspaper, student known as Tie-Dye Dan gains popularity and then in the Virginia Journal, Tie-Dye Dan Transformed His Hobby Into An International Business.

Dye Happy and Kendama

Battle at the Border 2018 accepted me as a vendor and my good friend Chad Covington waived the vendor fee in exchange for me making the event shirts.

Insane! My first kendama event and I'm making the event shirts and competing and some of the best Kendama players in the world become my Dye Happy Family

Dan • The Entrepreneur

My fellow JMU Society of Entrepreneurs (SOE) member Chris Ashley helped me setup this website and urged me to apply for JMU's Venture Accelerator.

That Summer JMU paid me to develop my business. Later, my association with the program got me a meeting at Life is Good, the company I aspire to emulate.

Insane! I meet Life is Good founders Bert and John Jacobs. They imparted much wisdom including "If you think this is going to be easy or quick, do something else".Bert Jacobs and Tie Dye Dan

Spring 2019 I start applying to arts and craft festivals and music events. Now I spend my weekends out of town building the brand. Life's an adventure.