Fiber Reactive Dye

Fiber reactive dyes are designed for cotton and similar fibers. Their chemistry simplifies the dyeing process and provides permanent color that doesn't fade.Fiber Reactive Dye Power Pigments

Natural color pigments provide the color for all dyes; from simple all-purpose dye to more advanced fiber reactive dye.

Fiber reactive dyes work like magic. They form a covalent bond with cellulose fiber molecules (their atoms share electrons). In other words, when the dye sets the dye molecules are literally part of the cellulose fiber molecules.

Fiber reactive dye chemistry is a huge topic. If you want to know what is fiber reactive dye or a fiber reactive dye definition go to About Fiber Reactive Dyes at Paula Burch's site. It's an older looking site, but it's an amazing resource.

Why Procion dyesDharma Fiber Reactive Dye

In addition to being brighter, more colorfast and longer lasting, Procion dyes are the best because they're easy to use.

Procion dyes are relatively non-toxic with a low ideal reaction temperature 30C° (86°F). This means you can dye at room temperature without adding heat to set the dye.

And they don't fade so you can wash them with your whites and not worry about color bleed.

Procion dyes were originally produced by Imperial Chemical Industries (ICI) in 1956. Dystar owns the brand name now, but the patents have expired so generics are available as dichlorotriazine or as Procion type dyes.

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