Why Dye Happy?

The meaning of happiness has been pondered for thousands of years, yet the answer is still elusive to most of us.

Socrates (469-399 BC) believed happiness comes from self-knowledge and living a life that’s good for your soul. 

It's a life time effort. Life is complicated and change is constant, so you need a guide to keep your bearings.

Our Philosophy

Life is short. Figure it out early. There's no book. You determine who you are by what you do, so get on with it. 

Learn what's right from experience and from wise people in your life. Dream your ideal life, then pursue it with your soul.

Our LogoDye Happy Logo

The yin yang symbol from ancient Chinese philosophy symbolizes how seemingly opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent.

It's so simple and unusual that it makes people wonder. It's a beautiful conversation starter. Interesting people will be drawn to you when you wear Dye Happy. They want to be enlightened.

Our Inspiration

Dye Happy was inspired by my first encounter with Life is Good.

Van GoMy Mom the artist went cross country with her dog in a VW Camper Van in the early 90s, her last hurrah before marriage and kids. I grew up with stories and pictures from her trip.

I was with her when she saw Life Is Good's Van Go shirt. She smiled and laughed and said Van Go. Van Gogh. Get it. 

I didn't, but she bought it and wore it all the time because it made her happy. That's what I want to do, create things that make people happy.