Frequently Asked Questions

Whose shirts do you use and how are they sized?

Is it safe to wash your tie dye with regular clothes?

  • Yes! We use Fiber Reactive Dye because it doesn't fade.
  • We rinse / wash / rinse our tie dye before we ship it to you
  • Just to be safe, you can wash our tie dye alone for the first wash.

Will your tie dye fade?

  • No! We use Fiber Reactive Dye because it doesn't fade
  • My oldest tie dye is 5 years old and still going.

How long do I have to wait ?

  • We usually ship out stock items same day
  • We usually ship out non-stock within a week
  • If you need something by a specific date put that in the order notes.

What is Dye Happy ?

  • See What Dye Happy means for the whole story
  • It's an optimistic message relevant to what I'm doing. 

Will you use my artwork ?

  • Yes! Email your artwork and text to
  • Contact Us about volume pricing for events or special occasions.