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Gray Glacier Blue Tie Dye Crewneck

Gray Glacier Blue Tie Dye Crewneck

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This beautiful color combination is our BEST selling sweatshirt for good reason. We made this tie dye for anyone trying to ease their way into wearing more color. Boasting a beautifully subtle combination of neutral colors, this is a gateway tie dye. Buy it. All the cool kids are doing it.

Handmade in Staunton VA with a high quality and ultra heavy weight cotton/poly blend for maximum warmth. Additionally, it is lined with a patented pill resistant fleece for long term comfort. Yes, you heard that right. Get substantially more washes out of your hoodie before the fleece stops being so dang soft!

All of our products are made to order and are mailed out en masse weekly. Occasionally you might order something we have already made, and in that case it will ship immediately. Other times we may need to order something in your size (most often with XXXL). Either way, you'll get your product ASAP Thank you so much for considering to support our small business :)

90% cotton
10% polyester
100% awesome

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